Being accused of a drug crime is a harrowing experience. Many people across the State of Virginia are accused and convicted of drug crimes every day, ranging from simple Possession of Marijuana to more serious charges of drug trafficking or sale of drugs within a school zone. People who are charged with drug crimes are often just hard working, honest people who are caught with a small amount of a controlled substance. However, these people can be sentenced to years in jail, thousands of dollars of fines and even be required to complete mandatory drug and alcohol counseling. Additionally, people who have been convicted of drug crimes in the State of Virginia have a permanent criminal record that can make it more difficult for them to get or maintain employment, rent or purchase a house or even buy a vehicle.

At Galumbeck Kegley, we understand how prosecutors work a drug crime case. As former prosecutors ourselves, we have the inside knowledge of what evidence the prosecutor will likely use against you, how the prosecutor will investigate our case and what tactics he or she will use to try to put you behind bars. We will use this information to your advantage, and will challenge the prosecution at every turn.

Don’t hire just any attorney to defend you against drug charges. As former prosecutors, we will build you a solid defense you can be confident in. Call us today for a consultation.

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